Why choose open cell ceilings:

Ceir open cell ceilings are an innovative blend of customisation, elegance, and modernity. They give you the ability to shape light the way you desire. We offer these ceiling in a vast array of shapes and sizes, leaving the choice to you on how or where to style them.

Key Features

  • Ceir open cell ceilings are made from aluminium – a durable, smooth, metal adapted for modernity and sustainability.
    100% recyclable
  • For installation, Ceir ceilings are very simple to place and remove. They guarantee the most straightforward accessibility to the plenum and technical installation for maintenance crews, making it comfortably simple and fast to mount and handle.
    Weight per m2 from 1,00 kg
  • Their openness is created by a permeable layer grill that allows the air to flow through – this is important for ventilation and for the general well-being of those involved.
    Opening Area up to 99,0%
  • Ceir open cell ceilings are produced in standard or customised, sizes, in order to reduce the waste reduction with factory fabricated dimensional modules. Avoid wastage up to 95%
  • Even in the case of fire, these types of ceilings are designed so that large quantities of smoke can be absorbed, giving way for better visibility towards safety. it is up to date with modern technology for health and safety regulations. Euroclass A1 – non-flammable
  • Compatible with industry standard lighting , HVAC, speaker, and security services.
  • Ceir open cell ceilings have the ability to break up sound waves thanks to an absorbing component laying above each panel.
  • The thin design of Ceir open cell ceilings allows for very little dust deposit, and due to their effortless amounting and dismounting features, it can easily be cleaned.
  • Ceir Open Cell are not only made for interior design. They can be used in countless of other instances – from means of transport laser jet cutting, air conditioning (railway to nautical), machine tools, screen printing, and more.
    Discover Tokyo Grill, our latest creation.
Our products are available in a wide range of finishes: PRE-PAINTED or POST-PAINTED according to the RAL, NCS, PAntone, anodized or in a wide range of shades with a deep print finish: such as wood, marble, or anything at your request.
Microperforation can also be applied, in different patterns, to achieve aesthetic and acoustic requirements.