We are committed to building a sustainable future for the generations to come, in a modern, green, and innovative way. Our eagerness to play our role in the fight towards a brighter, environmentally friendly future is reflected in our work.

Our materials

CEIR’s open cell ceiling systems are largely made for aluminium – a material well-known as the ‘green’ metal due to the fact it is up to 100% recyclable. Our aluminium is made from 70% recycled metals (post-consumer recycling) and 30% from recycled products not yet put on the market (pre-consumer recycling). Our aluminium also using just one twentieth of energy than that of the first melting, consuming much less power and meeting our sustainable standards.
Aluminium is also very long lasting, being naturally protected by a thin film of oxide highly thick and adherent (alumina Al2O3), it results resistant to air and weathering corrosion. This means that even without special surface protection, almost all the aluminium alloys do not deteriorate over time. This long-term durability is one of the simple yet very effective ways we can maintain sustainability.
As for fire reaction, it is deemed to be Euro Class A1. This means aluminium does not generate toxic nor hazardous products – a metal kinder to the planet and environment we live in.
Aluminium ceiling panels provide a healthier interior; they can be easily cleaned, making it simple to remove dust and bacteria. This is especially important in settings where cleanliness is needed – e.g hospitals, airports, schools, universities and offices. These open cell ceiling can be very useful for these places – to provide a cleaner and healthier solution to dust (which can be especially troubling for children and adults suffering from asthma). Creating a sustainable and healthy environment in all settings is very important to us.
We are able to offer sustainability and hope for a greener future, all without having to compromise aesthetic or economic factors. Aluminium is one of the most beautiful metals thanks to its natural colour and its light weight, as confirmed by the wide application of this material in architecture, interior spaces, and industrial design. Aluminium is a perfect balance between modernity and sustainability, an expression of green innovation and design.

Our commitments

The contribution of CEIR products to obtaining the LEED® building certification has been extended to products made with Leaf technology and the BREEAM® rating. The points that can be achieved with our products for building sustainability ratings have allowed Ceir open cell ceilings comply with the requirements of the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) expressed by the Italian Ministry of the Environment.

Our suppliers

Ceir selects its suppliers on the basis of socio-environmental performance, committing itself to knowing and taking into due consideration the impacts of the entire supply chain in order to reduce the risk related to them.

100% Made in Italy

We believe that sustainability is multifaceted. We are determined to being environmentally sustainable, but also to be sustainable to the society and community that we serve.
We are proud to say that all our products are manufactured and assembled in Italy, where workers rights are protected and where products meet some of the highest standards in the world. The Italian constitution protects women, minors, the elderly, the ill, the disabled and those hurt on the job. It protects those who strike and those who assemble.
We believe it is essential and important that we are equally as sustainable and ethical on workers’ rights as we are with the environment.


Ceir is inspired by the principles of the circular economy to minimize the consumption of natural resources and the production of waste.