Maxi reflex

MAXIREFLEX open cell ceiling modules are the MAXI version of Reflex, the exclusive multi-cells, designed to evoke emotion. High emotions as its parabolic profile is 100 mm high. MAXIREFLEX achieves the best level light performance, creating a subtle play between light and shadow. MAXIREFLEX has the double effect of articifial and natural  lighting diffuser. Especially designed to be installed by trackless systems, it can be also simply laid on T-grid system, to play with the light as you like.


Ceir - MAXIREFLEX open cell ceiling

Product in Use

Key Features

High Lighting Technology
MAXIREFLEX excludes any glare, both direct and indirect. Up to a 34° angle the parabolic grill prevents the direct glare and the reflection of lighting on the ceiling surface. MAXIREFLEX has the double effect of a diffuser for artificial lighting and a diffuser for natural light, with energy saving thanks.

Open Accessibility in Plan
MAXIREFLEX design makes integrating systems above or below the modules simple and feasible. Easily removable fins and open structure makes accessing lights, HVAC, rigging points, plumbing, AV equipment, and life safety systems easy for your maintenance team.

Wide Color/Shapes/Heights Range
Choose from a large range of MAXIREFLEX + CEIR colors and wood textures. Mix and match shapes and colors to accent fins and complement the color scheme of your space.

Supply Solutions
We make MAXIREFLEX for you to specify standard or customized modules that can be easily field-modified around anticipated and unforeseen site conditions during the installation.

Continuous Surface
MAXIREFLEX provides continuity in all directions across your space. In addition, our optional hanging points offer a fine-tuning capability for installers. Our custom formulated material thickness and density ensures rigidity that limits deflection.

Acoustic Performance
MAXIREFLEX can be combined with acoustic pad. The impact of noise from everyday annoyances like ringing, typing is reduced, and in a more pleasant and productive environment chatter results.

Panel Materials & Colors

finiture e materiali di base
White, Black and Silver
Custom Ral/Ncs

Technical Details

MAXIREFLEX, ideal for spaces requiring a high light intensity, like stores, museum, offices, features 1200×600 mm modular panels, made of made of “▼” parabolic blades 100 mm high, which suitably assembled form squared cells. Cell sizes from 10×100 up to 300×300 mm. REFLEX is usually supplied in anti-iridescent semi-specular anodised aluminium or gold finish. Trackless system by Typ B with Tube, Delta or Visible system to lay in/on Tgrid.
Supply form
MAXIREFLEX modules are supplied already assembled, ready to be installed.

Panel / Module

Section / View

Measure (axbxh)

Suspension system


MAXIREFLEXProduct Brochure PDF1.9 MB

How to specify:


Select the cell that best suits your vision and project needs. Pick from a variety of suspension solutions to provide the right performance while enhancing aesthetics.


Modules are available in a variety of colors, including naturalistic wood finishes. See our CEIR color brochures for more information.


All CEIR ceiling modules are scalable by design. Select the quantity of modules needed for your project.

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