The luCE – the fourth dimension of architecture

Architects and planners always aim to set high quality standards for light management and requirements for lighting precision, energy efficiency and overall aesthetic purposes. We are fascinated by the different images created by artificial lights, and we are determined to offer open cell ceilings that integrate well with an architects’ visions.
Installation of the luCE
CEIR offers designers and users multiple possibilities of use according to architectural criteria. There are no limits to the types and sizes that can be used, and our open cell ceilings are able to work with all kinds of lighting bodies in order to offer the result suitable for the specific uses and architectural requirements of each project: such as for offices, museums, universities, airports, hotels, chain stores and much more.
Light sources can be placed
  • ABOVE the open cell ceiling to create an even or point-like distribution of the light
  • BELOW the open cell ceiling in a protruding way to display the design of the ceiling lamp
  • IN LINE with the open cell ceiling so that these areas of luCE require lower consumption of ligh
In this last instance, to best integrate the light into the open cell ceiling, CEIR offers its customers a wide range of LIGHTING FIXTURE PLATES (03), which vary according to the cell and the height of the chosen open cell ceiling and dimension of the lighting body.
Thickness:0.70 mm
Dimension:…x… mm. (according to the panel cell)
Height:according to the height of the blade (20, 30, 40 ,50 mm. …)
Hole:squared or circular
Finish:in accordance to your choice
piastra ceir



In line

Lighting fixtures