Ceir colours: colours and finishes, hold and treatment

Discover the world of CEIR colours and create your own space using our matte, satin, or gloss finishes.
No matter what your project is, there will always be a CEIR colour that will suit it. All coatings are available in a wide range of colours, ranging from pre-painted aluminium and / or steel – selected from the best producers in the world, to anodised material, in matte, or natural satinated, all making CEIR ceilings resistant and very practical to use. Our modules – suspension and accessories included – are available in a unique assortment of colours.
The combinations of finishes and colours available allows you to choose between the most classic shades: white, silver, black but also the most particular ones: according to any RAL, NCS, PANTONE, SIKKENS range colour.
For interior use, the matte finish handle is the most suitable choice. It adds sophistication and sleekness in a simple and subtle way. For exterior use, special HOLD AND TREATMENT, upon request.
The satin finish is often requested thanks to its aesthetic and functional characteristics. The silkiness of the finish makes it a truly refined and elegant product. The appearance simulates that of aluminium, allowing it to be combined with a lot of colour variants. The opacity of the material gives a pleasant looking sensation and does not get dirty easily.
The glossy finishes (over 50% gloss) are perfect for modern environments. Their brilliance and “mirror” effect make them particularly suitable for the most elegant of situations. Polished chrome plating is regarded highly for its remarkable corrosion resistance and durability.

How to specify:


Select the cell that best suits your vision and project needs. Pick from a variety of suspension solutions to provide the right performance while enhancing aesthetics.


Modules are available in a variety of colors, including naturalistic wood finishes. See our CEIR color brochures for more information.


All CEIR ceiling modules are scalable by design. Select the quantity of modules needed for your project.