Why choose us

Since 1950 we have taken every project as an opportunity to achieve excellence and turn a concept into reality. Continuing from our roots, even today we produce and manufacture a wide range of metal ceilings – from ‘grigliati’ to ‘baffle’ for companies, architects, private and public entities.
Our strength also lies in our flexibility, passion, and creativity for what we do. Our manufacturers and designers work together, next door to each other, adapting close synergy between planning and production. This gives us the possibility to experiment and modify our products, tailoring them perfectly to our client’s needs – most of what we do is made from prototypes that can be adjusted or designed in accordance with what is desired. From day one, we work closely and attentively with architects to help achieve the final result.
Ceir wants to work alongside its customers. We give fast responses, we keep you up to date with order processing, and we also guarantee support on installation. There will never be any surprises or extra costs – always giving you the control and transparency that you need.
  1. We want to achieve something beautiful: conformity between project design and realisation: we want to deliver on your ideas and designs 100% of the time.
  2. We want cutting edge and high-quality products; all our work must be of high performance, safe and innovative.
  3. We want to provide something that is fast, simple, and accessible to mount and handle: 1) no surprises on production and installation cost, 2) less problems on placement of technical installation, 3) a clear delivery timeframe and a fast installation time.
Ceir offers much more than products. You get the idea, we get the result.

An history following the light

CEIR was founded in 1950 and has evolved greatly since.
From the start we produced suspended ceiling systems of high-quality value, styling, functionality, safety, and durability – all at competitive costs. Since then, we have evolved our products to control shape and light, adding dynamic and elegance into spaces through our products.

'50 - glass - Venice

Artistic lights
At the very beginning, we were pure artisans in Murano, Venice. We had an Atelier in where we sold unique art pieces, like chandeliers and artistic lights. Our main material was Glass.

'60 - glass + metal

A milestone was in the 60s when during the economic boom we move from Venice to Padua, the most important productive and manufacturing city of north east of Italy. We also evolve our products according to the current design and style period; we keep glass but add also metal. So we rise up the professionalism on manufacturing metal structures. Our product become spotlights that decorate all types of public places, such as Hotels, teathers, restaurants and malls.

'70 - alluminium

The next milestone was in the 70s when architects became aware of new technology for shaping room spaces. Light became not just a single decorative element anymore but was instead integrated into architecture. We experimented with light in a natural way to blend both practicality and aesthetics into one.

Today alluminium

Open Cell Ceilings and Baffles
We are still passionate about integrating light and ceilings together, so that one can create unique and elegant customisable lighting through our open cell ceilings. Even today, we stick to our roots: still striving to provide the best services to bring people’s projects to life.

CEIR in the 21st century

Today, we believe in modernity and in the importance of adapting to a new digital age. This is reflected in our work ethic and in the progress that we have undertaken across the past few years. Every project, every idea, and every challenge we take as an opportunity to develop and reach the highest standards possible.
Our progressive attitude is exhibited in our sustainability efforts and willingness to mirroring an open and inclusive society. We feel passionately about social issues such as gender parity – Ceir strives towards reflecting the progressive needs of our society. We aim for to reach a balance of gender and create a more diverse and international workplace. We are open. We want to create an environment where one can express their creativity the way they want to – and we believe architecture is one way to do so.